When everything works together perfectly,

That's Harmony.

  • A complete, all-inclusive solution
    Alma Harmony is a powerful, all-inclusive treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. The multi-application platform is designed to treat a variety of indications, offering a full spectrum of technologies, applicators, tips and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results.

  • Safe and Effective for All
    Alma Harmony features an array of advanced applications that allow you to provide highly effective, reliable and safe treatments for a variety of challenging skin concerns. Each technology and treatment approach has a first-rate safety record, proven in extensive clinical studies. Practitioners can treat all areas of the body, treat all skin types, and meet the needs of all populations.

  • Multi-Generational
    Harmony opens the door to multiple generations, addressing the aesthetic concerns of patients of all ages- from teens to older adults. The versatility of the Harmony platform allows you to provide tailored, customized solutions for every age group, while also building long term relationships by meeting their needs as they change over time.

  • A Modular Approach for Better Clinical Results
    The Harmony platform consists of multiple modules offering powerful solutions for 6 major indications, each of which may be treated using a single technology or a combination of technologies and treatment approaches. The modules are designed to work independently or together as a single cohesive, harmonious system.

  • Spectrum of Opportunities
    The treatment scope of the Alma Harmony system adds a proven, results-driven income stream to your practice, offering significant revenue growth. The advantages of safe and effective treatment solutions as well as dramatic, yet natural-looking results, encourages patients to consider additional treatment types and recommend your practice to others, thereby increasing its profit potential.

The Alma Harmony system is upgradable and expandable, allowing you to specialize in any aesthetic segment and expand your clinical offerings as your practice grows.