The All New Alma ClearLift
Multi-Indication High Power Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
Alma ClearLift is the most comprehensive Q-Switched Nd:YAG treatment solution available today. A single laser module treats 3 separate indications for all skin types, with new and unique technological innovations for each indication.
Maximal Power
The high power non-ablative Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1,064 nm laser and KTP adaptor, which doubles the laser frequency to 532 nm, features a unique double rod laser configuration which maximizes energy production for greater treatment efficiency.
Optimal Results
The treatment is based on a unique method of energy dispersion, emitting narrow pulse widths with multiple peaks of energy, resulting in more effective treatment and increased patient comfort. ClearLift delivers photo acoustic shockwaves to the target area through high laser intensities in nanosecond pulses. This mechanical Q-Switched effect creates a controlled dermal wound - a unique mechanism of action that achieves optimal results for each indication. The treatment is powerful enough to address challenging skin imperfections, hyperpigmentation and multi-colored tattoos, while gentle enough to treat the most delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.
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"ClearLift has become my favorite treatment for many different indications: melasma, acne, rosacea, skin remodeling, stretch marks, tattoo removal. There is no such treatment in the market, making ClearLift distinctly unique. Today I can't imagine work in my clinic without it."
Dr. Dinko Kaliterna, Dermatologist, Poliklinika Poliderma, Dolac 1, Zagreb, Croatia Center